Broadly the definition of I.T. will be as per the Government of India guidelines. The definition shall include computers; stand alone central processing units (CPUs), parts actively consumed in the factory of the manufacture of computer, cellular handsets and software also. This may be suitable altered to suit needs of the State from time to time by high level authorized committee constituted under this policy.


Growth of software, hardware ands services industry in the state has not been consistent with potential. The objective of the policy in supporting/encouraging IT Industry/Manufacturing would be as follows:

  1. Bringing it to masses
  2. Accelerate the use of information technology in school, collages and educational institutions.
  3. Spurring the Domestic demand for software, hardware and services.
  4. Making software, electronics/IT hardware and ITS/ITES sectors globally competitive and thereby increasing export earnings.
  5. Facilitating the industry for addressing global markets.
  6. Facilitating information of value additions for growth of the industry.
  7. Help business release full potential in creating wealth.


The strategy is to achieve economic growth through development of nationally and globally competitive industry by facilitation and providing confidence, dedication, purpose and a pertile ground in which investment would flourish.